Good Directions FB-4 26-Inch Wrought Iron Fire Bowl with Orion FireDome


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Good Directions FB-4 fire bowl is a dramatic conversation piece for the patio or deck that provides a brilliant glow and heats up any outdoor gathering. Made of hand-hammered copper finish on a heavy-duty wrought-iron stand. with its beautiful spherical form, this deep copper fire bowl sets ablaze every outdoor gathering and can burn wood, charcoal or kindling. The fire bowl also comes with a dramatic, intricately cut steel fire dome in the design of Orion.

The Good Directions story begins in 1982 when John Lodato decided to establish a company devoted to enhancing the home with affordable, uniquely crafted products that would reflect a homeowner's particular style and personality. Combining his expertise in historical design with his son Michael's background in manufacturing and materials, the two created Good Directions. They began with a line of weathervanes and cupolas, becoming the first in their industry to implement wide-scale production and design. Sticklers for quality and customer service, Good Directions sought out the finest artists and artisans to create products that were not only functional but beautiful, soon gaining a reputation for the finest designs in the industry.

Today, with Michael at the helm, Good Directions continues to attract innovative artists and designers eager to lend their vision to the creation of exceptional products to enhance the home, both indoors and out. No matter which way the wind blows, you can count on Good Directions to show you the way to a beautiful home.

  • Beautiful and dramatic spherical form
  • Heavy duty wrought iron stand
  • Hand-hammered copper finish
  • Comes with intricately cut steel fire dome
  • Can burn wood, charcoal or kindling

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