Patina ''No Worries'' 31 Inch Fire Pit with Grill and FREE Cover


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Things got you down lately? Don't let them keep you from enjoying those summer weekends or any time between the hours of 5 p.m. and the morning. This Patina ''No Worries'' 31-Inch Fire Pit has got the right idea. Crafted from cold rolled steel with expertly cut palm trees, twinkling night sky, and ''No Worries'' slogan, it has the resilience and the right attitude to make it through those occasional troubles. With the included grilling implements and spark cover, you'll have no trouble following its sage advice. Simply lift it with the handy ring, place it strategically in view of the setting sun, light a fire, prop your feet up, and watch your worries go up in smoke.   The natural rust finish is simultaneously elegant and rustic, and will not deteriorate over time. Other fire pits, fine examples of fire pits though they may be, will inevitably suffer the scrapes and blemishes that fire pits must endure. This item, however, will age beautifully.   Inspired by the warm days and cool nights of the central coast of California, Patina Products offers fine outdoor accessories to turn your patio into a real living space. For over 10 years, the company has been warming up gardens and patios with unique, hand-crafted fire pits. They use specially designed CNC (computer numeric control) plasma cutters to cut virtually any logo or brand into the side of a custom fire pit. The gorgeous natural patina finish on each pit will age beautifully over time for an authentic, rustic look. Let Patina Products create a fire pit that suits your unique style, and make the patio your favorite room of the house. Includes grated lid, handle, grill, and cover. Constructed from heavy-duty steel. Deep drawn from cold rolled steel. ''No Worries'' slogan with palm trees and night sky. Bowl diameter: 24 inches. Measures 31 diam. x 17H inches.
  • Includes grated lid, handle, grill, and cover
  • Constructed from heavy-duty steel
  • Deep drawn from cold rolled steel
  • No Worries'' slogan with palm trees and night sky
  • Bowl diameter: 24 inches

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